Thursday, October 4, 2007


Lately I've been talking to a friend of mine about Leaderhsip accountability. Take a few moments and think about how many orphanages you see in your community or country. How many of those are really genuine? Yes they might be taking care of orphans but look at the lives of those spearheading them. Many people have become wealthy just by running orphanages in Africa. The source of their wealth are the funds that come from donors in the west. I do not dispute that there is some work happening but most of it is just to appease the hand that feeds them-just to keep the money coming. How do people like that sleep at night?
This got my friend and I thinking and we came up with one major reason for such a problem-the lack of accountability.

Accountability is allowing oversight from other people or organizations in the work that you're doing. Its voluntary submission to other's people's opinions, criticisms, encouragements and ideas. Accountability is accounting for everything involved in the vision and being answerable to other people. Most "founders' of these so-called NGOs have not been willing to let other people ask questions about what they're doing and as a result these NGOs-whatever form they take-become personal bank accounts and a source of livelihood.

Leadership in whatever area MUST involve accountability and systems that allow this to happen.Society MUST demand this of us as leaders in government, education, NGOs, business etc.WE must be answerable to the people that we lead or the people that support our causes. We must be transparent in our financial and managerial dealings.
Am honestly fed up of hearing people coming up with all sorts of NGOs that simply pledge to do what everyone else is doing and as a result we see the same level of impact-Average.

So are you accountable as a leader and to who? Who keeps you in check in your personal, financial and leadership dealings? If you don't have anybody begin to put systems in place. Accountability is the undiscovered secret for success. Many think accountability limits but this is not the case. If anything it opens tremendous doors for you because people begin to TRUST you. When your life and dealings become an open book, even those who don't know how to read begin to learn so that they can be part of your life story. When people see a worthy cause led by transparent leaders their hope for a better world and healed humanity are rekindled. So go and be that leader.

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