Monday, September 17, 2007


I've been feeling overwhelmed by life and the many things I have to do. I was actually talking to a dear friend of mine and just getting some encouragement of sorts. I was again reminded of an important aspect of keeping a vision going-FOCUS.
Focus is something that keeps us on track with our vision and it is therefore, a necessary tool for any leader to have.
Some ways you can refine and return focus as a leader is to make a habit of reviewing your vision, goals and objectives. Are you on track to complete your objectives for 2007 or are you falling behind? If you're falling behind, there are several things you can do to recover.

1. Don't focus on your failure: Most people are held back by self pity because they've failed to maintain momentum or a firm grip on their goals and objectives. Winners know that crying over spilt milk will not change the situation. The thing that creates progress is to change direction and in some cases, methodologies. Learn from your failures.

2. Change some stuff Around: Why have you failed to meet your objectives? What do you have to change in order to get on track? There are some things that have led to your lack of progress and you must have the boldness to pin point them and call them what they are. For some of us its just pure laziness and procrastination. For others it might be discouragement from family or peers and still for others you might just be overwhelmed by the vision in which case I would say make your goals and objectives even smaller.

3. ACT: Get to working on your findings. If you need to challenge yourself and change some things about you, then JUST DO IT and begin TODAY. Put your plan into action. Start working on your goals and objectives before the year comes to an end.

One of the gifts that God has given us is the gift of reflection and a new day. Through reflection we can change for the better and ensure our success. Remember that "yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is the only cash you have so spend it wisely (Newton-cant remember the first name)."

To your success and Progress!



FOCUS has been a really great post, after reading it i just got to wonder how many great things we would have achieved as Nation if our leaders in political and the church set up remained focused to a vision of a better Zambia, somewhere across the road we seem to have lost it, I do not want to heap the blame on anyone cause i believe we are all partly to blame for what has become of our nation today. Had the church stood up and spoke with one voice on the plundering that was affecting our nation i believe it would have been a different story today, but we allchose to keep quiet the flock never questioned the shepards and the shepards never questioned the nation's authority, we all thought it was taboo to speak about politics in church but yet are the same people who received million kwacha donations from these political leaders, and were giving them the pulpit to talk politics, we sold out as body of Christ, we lost our focus and hence the vision became faint.

But we can start all over again it is never too late, but this time around FOCUS should be our goal!

Destiny Awaits Team said...

Thank you for that reminder. Tom Anderson said the same thing in his book, "Becoming a Millionaire God's Way." He used the analogy of a magnifying glass which was used to focus light on an object, causing it to catch fire. Whatever our situation or need, I think this is a timely word. The excitement of our vision fanning into flame should give us hope that a laser focus is just the thing we need to accomplish all that we have been given. The year is slipping away ever so quickly and we have got to get to kingdom business, more specifically the purpose, goals and objectives that God has placed in our hearts and on our lives for His glory. Thank you for sharing your insight and encouragement.

God bless you!