Monday, October 22, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen,

You know that I rarely write concerning the church on this blog though am heavily involved in christian ministry. However, I am a bit alarmed by the attitude the church has, especially in Zambia, when it comes to politics. In the second republic, we had pastors talking to and courting government anyway they could because there was promised to them a brown envelope of cash for their loyalty. Most of them will not talk about it because they feel embarrassed by it.
My concern, however, is the stance the church bodies have taken not to participate in the National Constitution Conference which aims at forging a new constitution for the nation of Zambia which we hope will, among other things, limit the powers of the president and provide more accountability measures for government.
I believe that the church represents so many voiceless individuals and cannot afford to stay on the sidelines. I think the church needs to be bold enough to come into the arena of politics for the sake of the people to offer Godly counsel to the nation. Whether we like it or not religion plays a major role in government on earth. Whether we talk of Iran or Iraq,the muslim religion sets the tone in these nations. China has Buddhism and Japan has Shintoism. Why? Because religion plays a huge role in the human race. Therefore, it is only right that christians should have a say on what happens in the nation. The one thing the Zambian church forgets is that the Muslims have already declared their participation in the process. If they have their way we might see some muslim ideals tolerated in the constitution. CHRISTIANS AWAKE from your slumber. God calls us to believe, pray and most importantly ACT. Our faith only finds its expression in our action.

This is what I want to you to do. Ask your pastor whether or not you church will be represented regardless of whether the church mother bodies do or not. Ask him because YOU have to be represented,. YOUR VOICE needs to be heard. YOUR CHILDREN'S VOICES need to be heard. YOUR GRANDFATHER AND GRANDMOTHER'S VOICE needs to heard. THE VOICES OF THE DEAF AND DUMB need to be heard. Who else will represent them if the church chickens out?
This is no time to hide in our caves while Goliath hails insults at us. IT'S TIME TO ACT AND BE THE PROPHETIC VOICE WE WERE MEANT TO BE.
Arise and take action NOW! This blog receives an average of 200 people a month reading it and if each one of us would voice our wish to the church or educate our fellow christians and rally support, pastors and church leaders will have to listen.
Action is the only measure of Faith!

To your Success and that of mother ZAMBIA!

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