Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Am sure that you've heard it said, "It's one thing to take a man out of the bush and another to take the bush out of the man." It's a funny saying but teaches a very important truth that is; A change of environment does not necessarily mean a change in thoughts, perceptions and ideas concerning oneself and or the world. Today I want to begin dealing with a subject that every Leader must study and be a student of; I want to talk about the Mentality of a Leader.

Napoleon Hill once said concerning the subject of getting rich that "Both riches and poverty are the offspring of thought (Think & Grow Rich)." The way a person thinks determines how they approach life and what they become in life just as the bible says in proverbs, "As a man thinks in his heart so is he."
Our thoughts inform our actions and actions are what create our quality of life or the lack thereof.
We must understand the basic make up of thoughts because understanding how thoughts are formed will help us in developing a mentality that enhances and enables our Leadership.

The first thing we need to know is that thoughts are first formed by words.

Thoughts are basically mental images formed by words. The words that produce our thoughts come from many sources- Television, Radio, Books, Everyday Conversations, positive and negative utterances by people close to us. Whatever we hear leaves a mark on our minds and could occupy our thought life if we let it.
It's these thoughts that mold our world view and inform our actions. Through the words that we hear we form belief systems and convictions on which we usually base our actions. Now am not talking about a weak belief, no; am talking about the belief that causes your blood to boil if someone or something seem to pause a challenge to your convictions.

People that say, 'I CAN'T', do not usually have a healthy thought life.

I remember teaching a young man how to play the bass guitar. I saw the talent and potential but he kept saying he couldn't whenever he made a mistake. I got upset with him one day and told him that he could do anything he put his mind to it. It so happens that this boy was always told (words)by his teachers at school and parents at home that because he was overweight he couldn't do a lot of things.
Now how many of you know that how you look has nothing to do with your ability to play an instrument like the bass guitar? But think about this. He was told he was no good in one area but that statement repeated over time affected every area of his life, his self image and perception.
My job and ministry was, with the help of God,to replace the thoughts that had been fed to him by telling (words) him that he could. You should have seen the dramatic change in his life after a few weeks of working with him. He could learn with a positive attitude without putting himself down and guess what, he now plays bass guitar in our church as he continues to learn. Words can KILL or HEAL-use them wisely.

The words that you hear are as important as the words you speak to yourself.

Self talk is one of the ways to replace bad thought patterns. I speak to myself and encourage 'me' especially when am faced with a challenge or negative situation. Am my best cheer Leader. I say, 'Campbell you are not a failure and your failure is not final. Its a positive learning experience and you won't make the same mistake again. Campbell you are great and have potential and you are a great Leader.' This is not pride or arrogance, its just what i call MIND CONDITIONING. Hey, you've got speak to yourself life and not death. The power of life and death is in the tongue so the bible says.

The whole point of dwelling on words and thoughts is that your mentality as a Leader will either make you a success or failure. If the way you think as a Leader has a direct impact on the quality of your Leadership, do you not think it would be a good idea to regulate what you hear, read and see and let into your heart?

In my next article I will continue dealing with Mentality as I look at the mechanics of activating this principle in your every day life but in the mean time think about this and challenge yourself in the area of your words and thoughts.

What are you reading to feed your Leadership Spirit and Mentality? What do you spend doing in you 'free' time? Is it challenging you to become a better person or is your time spent on non-essentials?
Who are you listening to? Who's speaking into your life?
One of things I've done is invest in some Leadership and motivational Cd's that I listen to in the car! I don't want to waste any opportunity to sharpen my Leadership skills and mentality and neither should you!

To your success and Progress,


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Thanks for your information and i will be sure to look it up.