Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am usually skeptical about posting specific political party information on my blogs but since we are talking about Zambian politics I might as well.
I have been following The Citizens’s democratic party and they have just posted a new page on Rural Development . www.cdpzambia.wordpress.com

There are some interesting things in there and I have some execepts below.

The CDP approach is informed by several factors:

1. Much of Zambia’s arable and fertile land and other natural resources are in good rural areas.

2. Poverty, disease and hunger levels are higher in rural areas than they are in urban areas.

3. Traditional leaders and NGOs directly work with the people most affected and would be a great partner in bringing direct aid and development to these areas.

4. The nation cannot have food security if it does not invest in these areas. Their success is Zambia’s success.

CDP will gauge the success of its approach if the following benchmarks are met:

1. Is rural Zambia producing enough food for itself and the nation? Is rural Zambia winning in the fight to provide good nutrition to its people?

2. Does rural Zambia have access to quality healthcare by way of good, well staffed clinics and medications?

3. Is rural Zambia winning the fight against malaria and other infectious diseases?

4. Does rural Zambia have access to quality primary, secondary and higher education? Does it have enough schools, teachers, and educational materials to accommodate the population?

5. Is rural Zambia well connected by way of good and well maintained roads, land, air, and water transportation, communication and electricity infrastructure? Do the people have access to mobile and computer technology?

6. Is rural Zambia benefiting from its natural resources by way of taxes, royalties and other commercial activity in the area? Are these resources being used to better the lives of the people?

These are the questions that our approach will answer and ensure that Zambia emerges an economic titan in Africa.


CDP will form what we are calling Village Development Trusts (V.D.T.). Each village will form one and its role will be to facilitate and manage local development with a focus on defeating poverty, disease and hunger. CDP realizes that for this approach to work, all stake holders must be part of the formulation of the plan. Though in here we outline the basics, our desire is that stakeholders will feel free to change the plan to suit their particular rural situation.

At the center of our approach are the traditional leader and his team who are the custodians of the people’s resources and culture. Other stakeholders such as NGOs working in the area as well as other donor partners will also have representation and a voice on the V.D.T.

Central government, in conjunction with donor partners will provide funding, infrastructure such as roads, schools, clinics, medicines, trucks, tractors, computers, stand-alone electric generators and communication equipment; technical support such as teachers, doctors, health workers, agriculture extension officers and agri-industry consultants will also be provided by government.

The V.D.T. will focus on Agriculture, Health, Education and infrastructure.

Read the rest of their document at www.cdpzambia.wordpress.com

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