Sunday, December 21, 2008


With all the turmoil going on in the world, its very easy to shrink back from our big dreams and actually find ways of justifying our timidity. However, life does not give its best to the people it pities, rather life rewards those who pursue its treasures.

I have a simple message for you today; TAKE CHARGE. Times may be difficult but titans rise in the most difficult of circumstances and you have the potential to be one of them. My quote of the month is from Sir Winston Churchill who once said, "history will be kind to me for I intend to write it." That sounds arrogant but true. You write the story of your life. You might say, "I am not in charge of unforeseen circumstances" but I would argue that the most important thing is not what happens to you buy rather what you do with what happens. You might not be able to control what happens to you but you certainly can control your response to it. Note I say RESPONSE and not REACTION. These are two very important concepts to understand if you are going to take charge. Response is a thoughtful, measured and objective set of actions that one takes to tackle a problem. Reaction on the other hand is quick, thoughtless and usually an emotional set of actions that one takes to tackle a problem. You might be saying, Campbell I don't feel in control of my life? How do I take charge? Before I answer that question, know that I believe that you cannot achieve anything without God. For me that is the starting point. I must find my strength in him otherwise all I do will be useless. Now I will give you a few tips on how you can learn to take charge.


Most people lose control of their lives because they do not know how to control their internal world. The center of your internal world is the mind. If you can learn how to control your thoughts you can control your emotions, reactions and responses. Emotions do do not act independent of your mind; they are a product of your thoughts. The feeling of fear is as a result of meditating on negative thoughts as is anxiety. Optimism on the other hand is a product of positive thoughts as is confidence.
Therefore, control what you think by regulating your mental diet. Feed your mind with positive things and your thoughts, life and emotions will be follow suit.

I know that most of you reading this are entrepreneurs and this simple principle also applies to you in business. Don't dwell on the negative news of the so called "global economic crisis." You do not know crisis and your mind should not go into crisis mode otherwise you will fail. You MUST think of opportunity and success amid what the world calls crisis. You are not like any other person; you are a success.


This is the best technique that you can ever learn in life. No matter what is thrown at you life, you must learn to step back, think and conduct a situational analysis and take appropriate action. This stepping back process can take seconds, minutes, hours, days or even months in some cases but its a skill that will save your life. Stepping back allows you to take an objective look at the situation, ask some tough questions before you step back in to take appropriate actions. If you own a business and you are feeling the pinch right now, take a few moments to step back and ask some very tough questions and then make some decisions that will propel you to the next level. In my last post I talked about making adjustments but these adjustments should only come after one has taken the time to step back and analyze the situation.


Now is not the time to think small. Now is the time to raise the stakes. Now is the time to think bigger, better and bolder. The decisions you make today will determine the direction of your life or business for the next 5 to 10 years. Don't just think of surviving today, think of living tomorrow. Be bold about the direction you want to take in life. Have a bigger vision and become a better decision maker. People like to follow leaders who are not afraid to try something big and new. People want to reach for the stars but they need someone to lead them. I know that you want to see your dreams fulfilled so don't shrink back. Just go for it and make some big and bolder decisions.

These are just a few things I think will help you take charge of your life. Now go and make a world of a difference.

To your success,

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