Friday, May 30, 2008


We are at the half way mark in the year 2008. Most of us are already looking forward to next year but are we archiving what we set out to achieve for this year?
Its almost tradition for me to set sometime aside to plan at the beginning of the year and also a separate time in June to reflect on my progress and recalibrate my goals to line up with my vision. I would suggest that you do the same as well.
For those of you who read this blog you might remember that I posted something along these lines to help you with your vision in the new year but I will remind us of a few things

1. Celebrate your successes

This is SO important because most of us get caught up in focusing on the negatives. What have you achieved in terms of your goals? Celebrate no matter how small it may seem. May be you said to yourself at the beginning of the year that you will join a gym but you are only getting to it half way through the year-Celebrate that effort. Self-encouragement releases doses of the winning attitude in you. Don't beat yourself up about your failures; instead develop the art of celebration. Magnify your successes and feed the champion in you.


Yes you have lost track of your goals but its not too late. There are six more months in 2008 and this can be your most productive time. Every so often the lens of a camera loses focus but by turning some dials the focus can be regained. What dials do you need to turn in your life to regain focus? You can turn the dial of time management so that you effectively use your time on the things that bring you closer to your vision instead of spending it on things that don't value to your life. You can turn the dial of self-discipline and develop the habit of self-development through reading books and listening to motivational and educative CDs etc. We lose focus when we stop looking at the vision we see in our hearts. Get back in touch with your vision and refocus.

3. Plan your Work and Work your Plan

If you're serious about changing your life then you must have a plan. A plan is your road map to success and most of us start the year with a plan. Unfortunately as months go by we lose sight of that plan and begin to roll with the pouches. There is nothing wrong to roll with the punches but this is just your back-up. You should only do this when things are not going according to plan but not as your strategy.
You have a plan? Work it. If its too complex and overwhelming, break it down into bite size chunks and work it. Divide your plan into goals; goals into objectives; and objectives into action steps. Before you know it, you will be standing in the winners circle. Plan your work and work your plan.

This is it for now.
Live to succeed


Destiny Awaits Team said...

Thanks for the reminder and the kick in the rear. We all need to be pushed a little to accomplish something great toward fulfilling our vision and God's purpose for our lives. Thanks for putting things in perspective and for not only giving us your lip service, but actually living what you preach. You are inspiring. Will you marry me? : )

Anonymous said...

Destiny Awaits Team, took the words right out of my mouth. Blessings.