Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hey Friends
I've not posted for a while because I was on vacation and had the opportunity of sitting under the ministry of one my spiritual fathers who is visiting in the USA from Zambia. What an awesome time it was to be refueled for the challenge of Leadership. It is from this context that I write this post about a subject close to my heart; The Progress of Africa and The 3rd world.

We all have been given certain gifts and potential regardless of our ethnicity, economic status or place of origin. We all can make a tremendous contribution to humanity if we remain true to our earthly assignments.
However, it is with great dismay that I observe the state of third world especially Africa.
Africa is said to be the bread basket of the world yet the majority of her people live on less that a dollar a day. She is rich in natural resources yet she is continually plundered by the west and her own selfish leaders. The challenge that lies before her and before us is the Challenge of Progress.

What will it take for Africa to progress? What will it take for her to be what she really is-a power house and a force to recon with?
The answer is simple- it will take us; her people and our western brethren who have a heart for her to take action. We must become proactive. No longer should we stand aloof while she is destroyed and left bare by selfish leaders and her so called friends. We should get involved and be vocal about our involvement.
The greatest weapon any oppressive system has against its people is ignorance.
Therefore, we should begin asking intelligent questions like; what is China really doing here? Why do we have a sudden interest in countries like Zambia by the USA that it warrants a visit from a current first Lady and former President Clinton? Have they just now realized that we exist? Have they now just seen our orphan, AIDS and street kid crisis or does their country also want to participate in our new found riches? Hey am just asking but something must be cooking!LET'S WAKE UP PEOPLE!
Am not just yapping away because I've nothing better to do but the silence and ignorance that is exhibited by our people concerning such issues worries me. If we continue like this we wont have an Africa to hand down to the next generation.

All this aside; I have a very strong conviction that unless we-The Africans-change certain things about ourselves and change our perceptions concerning life and the world as it should be, we will never progress. The following has everything to do with your Leadership potential so don't dismiss it as having nothing to do with you as a Leader.
Here is what I feel you need to do as an individual in order to effectively participate in the progress of Africa and the third world:

1. Invest in yourself because no one will- Read more and develop a global mindset. Watch the news instead of those time wasters we call soaps in order to stay in touch with what is happening world over because it affects you.

2. Find your Place. Find a hill and die on it. Pick a battle you will stake your life on. This can be anything from education to health. Am honestly looking for teachers that are passionate about education rather than pay. Am wanting to encourage that one person who wants to get into the field of education because they want to revolutionize the way Africa is educated. Did you know that our school system is over 45 yrs old and that Britain wont tell you that. The plan is simple-keep Africa in the stone ages and rob her blind.
Finding your place is key because the right environment will make a demand on your potentials.

3. Get into Alliances. This is the missing link in most African cultures because we live by the principle; Each man for himself but God for us all. This principle is crippling. Look at our Indian and Arab counterparts-they stick together. Have you ever seen an Indian walking the streets of Zambia because he doesn't have a car? That's unheard of but in most cases you find that he came with nothing and his brothers and sisters helped him up. This my friends should be our culture. We should help each other to economically rise otherwise we die.

I have more to write but this should be enough to provoke you unto great works. Look am so convinced that if we ALL begin to do these things and stick together we will have on one to stand in our way in making progress for our nations. But until we realize that the answers to complex situations can be as simple as the above and that the future depends on our actions, we will remain an oppressed people.

To your Success,

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