Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Every successful person begins with a clear picture of his/her prefered future and we call this picture VISION. If someone was to give you a million dollars on the basis that you first produced an idea, what would that be and how long would it take you to come up with one?
Most of us spend time wishing we had money and resources thinking having these things will mean success. While this may be true in part I know that true success only comes when you have a clear vision of your future (more on the personal vision later).

When it comes to leadership, vision is what determines the success of a leader. Vision is not a program- though programs and goals are part of it. Vision is a clear picture of the future that solicits an unshakable conviction that it should be. True Vision outlives the leader and solicits a dedicated following from people.
Most African and third world nations do not have an outlined vision. Every political party that comes into power comes with its own ideas and discredits the progress of the previous regime. Hence, we're always "starting" something but not finishing anything.

Let me submit to you that what most politicians have are programs and not vision because if third world nations had vision they would certainly be competing with the rest of the world. The reason China is Emerging as a force in the world is because they have a Vision to be the next super power. This vision fuels their policies (though we may not agree with most of them), dictates their investmenst and thier foreign policy. Their leaders have a vision and they are working to make it a reality.
Do you know the vision of your nation and as a potential leader in whatever field you choose, do you have a vision?

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